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Adaptive Clothing Australia

What is Adaptive Clothing?

Timeless by Heather Hill Adaptive Clothing is designed to make dressing a pleasure regardless of your age, mobility or disability.  For us, adaptive clothing means designs are practical, timeless and bestow a look of elegance. Whether you are dressing yourself or with assistance, we want to make dressing a pleasure again with clothes that are both elegant and effortless to put on and take off.  We have focused on making our clothing stylish yet flexible, and are finding that people love the clothing, whether or not they require the adaptive features.

How do we make adaptive clothing?

Petal Back Adaptive Clothing AustraliaWe have developed a number of clever designs, techniques and styles to make dressing a pleasure.

Some of the Timeless by Heather Hill clothing features petal back closures with easy to secure snap studs placed in hidden locations, allowing someone with limited or painful shoulder movement, including a frozen shoulder, to still dress easily and stylishly, whether they are standing or seated.

Wrap Around Adaptive Clothing AustraliaWe have designed dresses that allow for easy dressing whilst seated, standing or lying down.  From the forward position the dresses can easily be put on, with wrap around designs tying at the front with a knot or bow.  Some of our dresses feature extra long zips so they can easily be stepped into or placed over the head.  The zips have been padded for comfort, ensuring they will not dig into your skin if you need to lie or sit down for extended periods of time.

We have designed the closures to have additional cloth to provide maximum modesty, so if you do stand and a gust of wind blows into the dress, you will not get a glimpse of your underwear.  The materials are a mixture of polyester or bamboo. Polyester is very soft, stretchy and does not need ironing. Bamboo will crush a little however it is a lovely fabric that has antibacterial properties, draws moisture away from your skin and helps to keep you cool.Stylish Adaptive Pants Australia

Our trousers have hidden zips on both sides, allowing you or your carer to open either one or both sides to make dressing easier.

Our nighties, which feature a petal back closure are also worn as house dresses or brunch coats.  Great items if it is a hot day and you are at home having a PJ day.

Our stylish scribs (scarf / adult clothing protectors) have complimentary fabrics to match many of the Timeless by Heather Hill outfits and can be worn as a fashion accessory.Adult Clothing Protectors Australia

We are continually developing and sourcing new adaptive products.  If you have any ideas or suggestions for improvement, we’d love to hear them, as we strive to keep you comfortable yet stylish.

Which Adaptive Clothing is for You?

Timeless by Heather Hill adaptive clothing has been specifically designed to enhance the ease of dressing for those with a range of conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis, Cerebral Palsy, Motor Neurone Disease.

To find the Timeless by Heather Hill clothing best suited to your condition or situation, check out our Adaptive Clothing Directory