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Residential Aged Care Facilities can rely on Timeless by Heather Hill adaptive clothing to make dressing easier for their residents.

What is Timeless by Heather Hill?

Stylish Australian Made™ adaptive clothing created with residential aged care providers, carers, residents and their families in mind.

Whether dressing independently or with assistance, Timeless by Heather Hill clothing makes dressing easier, quicker and safer, for both the wearer and the carer.

Timeless by Heather Hill clothing is designed to be as practical and flexible as possible.  We have used leading Australian designers and our experience working with over 300 Facilities to ensure our products meet the demands of the market.

As someone becomes less mobile, they should have even more options to dress with elegance and style.  After all, that’s when they need it the most.

Benefits for Your Facility?

  • Dressing is easier & safer for residents & carers
  • Reduction in time taken to dress residents
  • Potential reduction in resistive behaviours, as residents remain calmer during dressing
  • Dignity is retained for residents, through clever designs & techniques
  • The appearance of everyday clothing, with the practicality of adaptive clothing
  • Residents have greater freedom - freedom to dress & express themselves
  • Residents have greater choice of functional yet elegant clothing
  • Residents will look great and feel great
  • Assisting you to meet Accreditation Standards (3.5 Independence & 3.6 Dignity)

What You Can Do

The more your residents wear Timeless by Heather Hill, the greater the benefits to your residents, your facility and your carers.

We need your assistance to get this solution to the people who need it the most.

To increase awareness & resident uptake of this solution, we ask that you consider:

  • Including our Flyer in your new resident Welcome Pack
  • Letting your existing residents & families know about Timeless in your facility newsletter, an email campaign or a flyer when you send out your invoices
  • Displaying our Brochures & Posters at your Facility

Contact Us and we will provide you with a big thank you and everything you will need.

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About Us

Timeless by Heather Hill is part of the Heather Hill Group, which has been working with the aged care sector for 14 years.

We provide quality nursing support to residential & retirement facilities, as well as in-home care through Heather Hill Nursing Agency.  We also work directly with the community through Heather Hill Pathways to assist in navigating the aged care maze, ensuring loved ones receive the care they deserve, whether at home, in a retirement community or through placement in a residential facility.


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