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Scribs (Adult Bibs & Clothing Protectors)

Timeless by Heather Hill Scribs are a cleverly designed adaptive scarf that doubles as a practical adult bib & clothing protector, with a simple turn to the front.

The Scrib is particularly useful when you are out with family and wish to keep your clothes clean from food while still looking elegant.

We offer two types of one-size-fits-all Scribs:

  • Premium Scribs - with two large easy to use buttons, and a soft bamboo anti-bacterial lining; and
  • Velcro Scribs - an economic option with soft cotton lining and an easy to secure and release velcro strip.

The Scribs are easy to wash, and can handle industrial washing.

The Scribs have been designed for adults requiring stylish and dignified clothing protectors or adult bibs whilst eating.

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