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Cerebral Palsy Adaptive Clothing

Timeless by Heather Hill adaptive clothing has been developed for with people with Cerebral Palsy in mind.  Our clothing ranges from size 8 - 18, and the timeless design means it is contemporary no matter your age.

Adaptive elements of our clothing relevant to people with Cerebral Palsy include:

  • extra long padded zips, ensuring comfort for someone who sits or lies down for long periods of time, reducing the chance of developing pressure sores.  The longer zips also allow for easier dressing and undressing of the garment. 
  • pants and dresses with zips on both sides, so that a carer can easily assist with toileting, while maintaining maximum dignity.
  • top, nighties and brunch dresses with petal back closures with easy to secure hidden snap studs on each shoulder, allowing for easy seated dressing.
  • large pockets, such as on the Audrey Skirt with lovely bright contrasting ribbon on the pocket, to remind wearers that they have a pocket to hold a handkerchief or some sweets.
  • wrap around dresses which can be placed on a sitting/bedbound wearer from the front with ease, and tied at the front for comfort.  The wrap around dresses are also reversible and can be worn either to the front or the back. 
  • bamboo fabrics which are very soft and stretchy to accommodate all levels of dressing.  Bamboo keeps you cool in summer and, its high wick content ensures any perspiration is absorbed quickly with minimal or no odour. 
  • scribs (scarf that acts as an adult clothing protector) are colour coordinated to match the Timeless Range and create a fashion statement during meal times, whilst also protecting the wearers clothing from spills.

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